I’m a passionate milliner, devoted to making hats, with an eye for details and keen on using high quality carefully selected, natural materials, such as felt leather and straw.


As a student of fashion design, I got acquainted with hat making, and it was instant love at first sight: working with vintage wooden blocks, steam and felt gave me a wonderful sense of traditional craftsmanship.  Years later I had the opportunity to start my own millinery label Zenithats.


By using high-quality and carefully selected materials from nature, which can be returned to nature as much as possible, I create hats that are durable. Always with an eye for detail, I am looking for special trimmings, which I sometimes find at vintage shops. This makes that many of the hats are mostly one of a kind. Often the materials and techniques inspire to make accessories that are similar in style with the hats in the collection.


My design is inspired by many I obtain my  inspiration for designs from many sources: nature, mathematical forms, other cultures or simply by the  things that my children make. I’ am also inspired by new techniques such as laser cutting and engraving, and always looking to integrate interested in integrating these techniques  with traditional craftsmanship.

An example is a fascinator that I made as a tribute to the well-known Dutch milliner Marianne Jongkind, which was exhibited at Museum Valkhof in Nijmegen. The form was inspired by the Archimedes spiral, which can also be found in nature. For obtaining the shape in leather, I used laser cutting and engraving techniques.


All hats are handmade and each design is only produced in small quantities. This also allows me to take into account the wishes of individual customers. So if you see something that you like in my shop, but you want it in another colour or trimming, please contact me at (telephone/email).

All hats are made in my studio in Utrecht.